Summer Tunes @DISD 2018

Once again the DISD music department put together a great and varied program, which they presented on Tuesday, June 26th, at the annual summer concert “Summer Tunes @DISD” to parents, staff and friends of DISD.

The two students Leni and Karma welcomed the guests and led the audience through the evening in a confident and charming way. The concert started with three rousing songs presented by the primary school choir und the guidance of Mrs Cornelia Kraus.

The parents-teachers-choir performed the song “Rock for Fun” and two members of the guitar afternoon activity showed what they learned in the past month. Students of grade five sang and danced to the song “The Candyman”, featured in „Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory“.

The school orchestra and secondary school choir presented some of their great musical pieces, for example “Cool Blues”, “Cup Song” and “In the Summer Time”. Then secondary school student Marina entered the stage and surprised the audience with the self-composed song “I want you”.

Next act was grade nine student Carl Kraus who rocked the stage with together with his dad performing the Jimi Hendrix’s “Hey Joe” on their e-guitars. Then the school band “False Alarm” took over and impressed the audience with popular tunes like “Seven Nations Army” from the White Stripes.

At the end of the concert DISD principal Mr Helmut Jolk took the opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to this great evening and wished everyone great and relaxing summer holidays. Special thanks went out to the sponsor of the evening, MINI AGMC.

After the concert, DJ Tobias Vogel played some relaxing tunes and the school’s canteen operator Organic Foods & Café offered some snacks and refreshments in the foyer where some of the guests stayed a little longer for a chat and to take some souvenir photos.

You can find the full concert „Summer Tunes @ DISD 2018“ now on our Youtube Channel and more pictures on our Facebook page.