Honoring of regional teachers’ „Change Management“ training at the DISD REFO centre

Differentiation, digitization, language assistance … – German Schools Abroad are facing huge challenges, requiring not only organizational changes.

From 9th till 11th of May the steering group leaders for school development of the region’s 14 German Schools Abroad met at the REFO center at DISD. Under the direction of the two process mentors for German Schools Abroad, Stefan Marien from Capetown and Birger Reese from Dubai, the 16 participants learned about concepts for dealing with transformation in schools and practiced case studies.

In advance of the training in Dubai the participants took part in an online course.

Four of them (Dominik Mandel from Riad, Rebecca Jenkins from Sharjah, Nicole Üttinger from Istanbul, and Dirk Philippi from Izmir) were honored for their exceptional engagement in the course. They received a certificate signed by Prof. Claus Buhren, one of Germanys leading experts in school development.