Successful athletes in primary school

Last Thursday, 27 February, the certificates for the Bundesjugendspiele (German Federal Youth Games) 2020, which took place during the sports day in January, were handed over at an assembly in the primary school. First, the winners of the honorary certificates of grade one and two were called forward.

In grade three and four there were so many successful athletes that only the best were called forward. Among the boys, Yunus from the 3c jumped the furthest with 3.66 m and achieved 30 m in the long throw. Mattheus from 3b is the fastest boy in the 1000m run with 3:12 minutes and Ali from 4b is the fastest boy in the 50m run with 8.05 seconds. Among the girls Lina from 3b is the fastest in the 50m run with 8.15 seconds. Marie from 3c did the 800m run in 2:47 minutes. Julie from 4b jumped the farthest with 3.09 m and Lisa from 3c threw the farthest with 19.70 m.

Congratulations to all of them for their sporting success!