Saturday in Bronze and Gold

On 29.06., 30 DISD students took the German Youth Swimming Badge at the Hamdan Sports Complex. After Mrs Gabriela Greipel, DISD primary school teacher, had greeted the participants, those who wanted to take the bronze badge first had to swim 200m in 15 minutes at the most. Meanwhile, those who wanted the silver badge dived ten meters at a time with Mr James Dodd, DISD trainer and sport coordinator, and got two diving rings from 2m depth. After all these tasks had been completed, the roles were changed. It was now necessary for one part of them to swim 400m  in less than 25 minutes with Mr Marcus Rosenmeier, DISD secondary teacher and swimming coach and Mrs Priscille Pittet, DISD  primary school teacher, and for the others to bring a diving ring to the water surface. Finally they jumped from the 1m or 3m board, which was completed with loud cheers. Then the questions to the bathing rules were only a piece of cake and the swimming pass could be received by all with badges.


Text: Marcus Rosenmeier