Unique design project in the STEM sector

DISD cooperation with the Design Faculty of Zayed University

At the beginning of February, the Grade 8 students experienced an exciting project week. With a focus on STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics), the two classes had the unique opportunity to participate in various projects, both at our school and at our cooperation partners Siemens and Zayed University.

The highlight was the one-day workshop on modern furniture making. In the design faculty of Zayed University, under the direction of Professor Thorsten Lomker, seating for the DISD kindergarten was produced using laser cutters, iMacs with special modelling software and a lot of manual work. The goal was to design and create modern and child-friendly seating furniture.

The basis was a 2D hand sketch. Thanks to the modern technologies in the laboratories and the patient support of Professor Thorsten Lomker and his staff, the students developed 3D models from the sketches in the next step using a computer program. In the process, they were able to contribute their own ideas for the design. The models were then cut into slices in the computer, which were then cut out of cardboard in individual components by laser cutting. The models were then glued together by the students in meticulous precision work.

The results were phenomenal: a total of seven completely individual children’s seats were created. The young designers had to work as a team to glue, cut, sand and press them together, to end up with such great products in their hands. On the last day, the same method was even used to create a vase from MDF wood. A big thank you goes to Professor Thorsten Lomker and his team, who made it possible for DISD to set up and implement such a project so professionally.

At the end of the project week the students created posters on which they presented the project with pictures and descriptions. On Wednesday, 26.02., Professor Lomker and his team came to DISD for a ceremonial handover of the furniture to the kindergarten. Besides the kindergarten director Matthias Preiss, the headmaster Michael Lummel was also present.

The students gave a presentation about the workshop and their designs. Then the manufactured chairs were handed over to the kindergarten. The children were very happy about the interesting seating and tried them out immediately. Afterwards Professor Lomker presented a special gift: The students had made a jewellery collection from the DISD logo of the sun. We thank you very much for this unique gift.

Thanks to the active support of my colleagues Julian Kleij, Stefan Frisch, Danya Ouklah, Renée Karlström, Dr. Sammy Wafi and Corinna von Häfen, the 8th grade MINT project was a complete success and we look forward to further cooperation with Professor Lomker and his team at Zayed University.

Marcus Brösgen, Head of Science Department