Primary School Sports Day

Snapshots of the Sports Day and Bundesjugendspiele 2018 of the DISD Primary School

Ready, set, go, was the motto at the annual DISD Primary School Sports Day on January 1st in beautiful Dubai winter weather. The students had lots of fun at the Bundesjugendspiele. Besides the classic disciplines long jump, sprint and long throw, the as well had to perform some skill games.

The sports day were supported by some secondary school students and parents that helped out as referees.

In addition the parents organized for athletes’s refreshment a big buffet with fruits and vegetables.


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Great Prize at the awards ceremony

This year, the students with the best results at the Sports Day receive a special prize:  They will take part in the JP Morgan Kids Day of the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Tournament on February 26nd 2018.

The following students will take part in the excursion due to their exceptional results:

Junus Banickel, 1c and Shaden Helmy, 1b

Nadir Schwer, 2b and Juli Stelkens, 2c

Record holders in Primary School:



50 m Sprint

Long Jump


800 meter



50 m Sprint

50 m Sprint

Long Jump




We wish all students a great day at the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championchips!

Names & Class


Amina Shalash, 4b

Valentina Hummer, 3b

Soraya Camedo, 4c

Valentina Hummer, 3b



Malakai Hoover, 3a

Fabian Felbor, 4c

Aba Marko Biro, 3a

Marcus Langenstein, 3a

Malakai Hoover, 3a



8,3 sec

3,30 meter

18 meter

2,34 min



8,0 sec

8,0 sec

3,70 meter

30 meter

3,07 min