Secondary School Final Event

On the last day of school, the secondary school students and their teachers celebrated special archievements and said goodbye to teachers who are leaving DISD.

On Thursday, June 28th, the principal Mr Helmut Jolk all students and teachers of secondary school to the canteen. There, he bid farewell to teachers leaving DISD: Mr Waheed Sultan, Mr Werner Hoppstock, Mrs Ilka Reese and Mrs Sybille Cierpka, head of secondary school, who had received a large farewell the previous day.

Furthermore, the teachers honored students for their special achievements:

Mrs Sybille Cierpka asked Amélie Donath and Lenia Keffel for the consistently excellent accomplishment in the subject German. Mrs Corinna von Häfen congratulated the 8th grader Stella Foschi to the DELF certificate she had acquired outside of school.

Mrs Andrea Schöne, head of the math department honored all students, who had successfully participated in the national round of the math Olympics: Majed Hassan, Edwin Sam, Carolie Bobe, Carl-Luis Anstett & Nour Guedhami, who both made it to 2nd place and Paulina Pahl, who won the first place.

Mr Lay Kar Kho presented a certificate of excellent achievement to violinist Majed Hassan, who had given a solo concert at DISD in the past semester. Furthermore, Mrs Susanne Reuls asked Lena Rester on stage, who was chosen to participate in the renowned German student’s academy.

Finally, Mrs Silke Glaab, the school counselor congratulated the 14 peer mediator to the stage, who had taken an intensive training during Ramadan.

Before the musical acts started, the 5th graders bid their teacher Mrs Ilka Reese farewell, with poems and presents.

Majed Hassan and Mr Lay Kar Kho played a violin duet and in the end, all students and teachers sang the „Junglebook“, “The bare necessities”.

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