School Photographers at DISD

From November 10 – 14 the school photographers of KlassAkt will be at DISD. After the shoot, each family can order the pictures online.


Please find the complete schedule here.

For all:

Friends and Siblings Pictures can be taken during the breaks. Please sign in the tables in the school foyer.

For Kindergarten:

All students take head shots and group pictures within their Kindergarten group. Additionally, the Pre-School group takes a group picture. In case your child is not present on Tuesday, the picture can be taken on another day as well.

Parents must pick up their Kindergarten Children from the group for the Sibling Picture.

For School:

On the day of their class appointment, it is very important that all students wear their complete school uniform and bring a comb.

If your child is absent on that day, he or she can take the individual photo on one of the other days.

Sports Team Pictures will be taken during at the start of each training. Please wear the complete sports uniform. Swimmers who do not have one will receive the uniform from their coach.