School Improvement at DISD

Learning in the 21st century also means learning to naturally using a wide variety of different media as a tool. The technical possibilities of our time allow us to expand the classroom towards the whole world. With great educational applications and programs, students can visit other countries, interact with many other schools around the world, but also work collaboratively on projects digitally connected in class with their classmates. Our school now takes the leap to implement a blended learning approach for digital learning as an additional component of holistic learning. In a pilot project a class, the teachers teaching it and the classrooms will be digitally equipped for six weeks. All teachers in this class undergo intensive training.

The starting point for this pilot project was a keynote speech by Abdul Chohan, who very inspiringly explained to teachers and parents the advantages of a conscious and focused use of modern technology in the classroom on the 15.11.2018. Here, again, we strive to set sail together.