School Entrance Design Project with Thekra Jaziri

End of November, under the guidance of art teacher Antonia Gadzo, secondary school students took advantage of the National Day holidays to colourfully decorate the school entrance hall.

The basis was the newly adopted mission statement of the German International School Dubai with its six pillars. This is only reflected on the columns in the main entrance.

The idea to present the six pillars as a work of art in the entrance hall was born due to the numerous feedback from parents on this topic at the World Café in October. Thereupon the headmaster Michael Lummel commissioned the DISD art teacher Antonia Gadzo to artistically implement the mission statement in the main foyer of the school.

The aim was to liven up the curved walls as well as the column in the entrance area using colours and shapes. The pictures should reflect the students’ ideas about the mission statement with its six columns and about Dubai.

It was a prerequisite that a professional work of art with no expiry date be realized and that the current secondary school students be involved in the project.

For this purpose, DISD was able to engage the artist Thekra Jaziri for a workshop. She is a German graffiti artist with Tunisian roots. One of her most famous projects is the Hafeninsel in Offenbach. Thekra Jaziri is very experienced in working with children and young people and has already carried out many projects and workshops with schools. (Instagram: @@jazirkus | Facebook: Jazirkus)

To prepare the project, Ms. Gadzo collected concrete ideas from the students in art classes in the form of sketches and keywords. These were then translated into designs for the wall surfaces by the artist Thekra Jaziri.

These were then brought to Gadzo by means of outlines on the wall and then painted. Many students, but also teachers and parents took the opportunity to participate in the project. By involving as many students as possible, a high level of identification with the school could be created and contributed to the fact that the young learners enjoy coming to school and are proud of their school.

We have found strong partners for the realisation of the project. The CAPAROL company sponsored the wall paint CapaCare Supreme. This is an environmentally friendly paint that is healthy, safe and completely odourless. It is also washable and therefore particularly suitable for schools and kindergartens. CAPAROL was also responsible for the final sealing to protect the artwork from the stresses and strains of everyday school life.

The German airline Lufthansa sponsored the wall, which leads to the secondary school and shows typical Dubai elements. School sponsor DHL took over two of the pillars – those for “Excellent teaching in a learning school” and those for “Excellent learning environment”. Commerzbank is the sponsor for the “Value-based community” pillar, BASF has taken over the “MINT excellence” pillar, the Goethe-Institut the pillar for “Multilingualism with German core competence” and CAPAROL is the sponsor for “Students as individuals”.

Commerzbank is the sponsor for the “Value-based community” pillar, BASF has taken over the “MINT excellence” pillar, the Goethe-Institut the pillar for “Multilingualism with German core competence” and CAPAROL is the sponsor for “Students as individuals”.

Principal Lummel, who initiated the project, is enthusiastic about the results: “I am pleased that we have already been able to implement the wish of the students and parents expressed in the Mission Statement World Cafés for a colorful and lively school building design with a great workshop with graffiti artist Thekra Jaziri and secondary school students. This is only the beginning of further art projects, where also primary school and kindergarten children are allowed to swing the brush”.


Ava Kurkcuoglu, a DISD mother who brought her daughters to the school to paint, also expressed her enthusiasm: “Upon entering the school, I was amazed at how beautifully the art work simultaneously stands out and blends in with the themes of the German International School Dubai. The design of each column is unique yet coherent with the adjacent ones. The paint itself is surprisingly odorless and provides a range of natural colors that are relaxing and captivating at the same time. Well done to the Artist, and the responsible persons of the school for this amazing project! Our school feels personal, welcoming and unique!”