Robotics Project in Year 8

During the MINT project week (Mathematics/Computer Sciences/Nature/Technology), which took place from 02.02.2020 to 06.02.2020, some students from 8a and 8b took part in the robotics project at DISD.

In this project the pupils were engaged with great interest and commitment in the assembly and functioning of a robot. They used the toolbox from LEGO MINDSTORMS.

In an introduction by the head of computer science Mrs. Heikal and the assistant teacher Mrs. Ayach they were introduced to the different components and their functioning of the robot. This includes the use of motors and sensors, such as ultrasonic sensors and colour sensors.

The aim was to program the robot so that it can move through a labyrinth. The students used programming software to control the robot. In order to use the sensors skilfully, the students had to work out different solutions.

The project was successful and met with great approval from the students. The acquired knowledge will be further deepened in computer science lessons at DISD.


Text by Mrs, Heikal, Mrs, Ayach