Positive Feedback by DISD students on offered projects

During Project Week, grade 6 and 8 held different project while grade 5, 7, 9 and 11 were on class trips. The invented games and build a model of ancient Egypt. Grade 10 mainly did regular classes.

In grade 6 and 8 a “Post-It-War” was fought. The students thought of fun emoji and smileys, which they then posted on the windows in secondary school. The project was held based on the model of the New York Offices which posted messages on their windows.

Under direction of Mrs Reuls and Mr Brösgen, the 6th graders could invent their own game as a sports project. After a cooperative plan and try-out phase, the groups presented their creative games and later tried them out together.

Grade 8 spent time studying ancient Egypt. They built the pyramids of Gizeh and decorated t-shirts with hieroglyphs. Furthermore, they researched Digital Media, created graphic novels and discussed French Chansons.

In the evaluation, 74% of the projects were fun for the students, 41% even a lot of fun. 77% were happy with the offered topics and 71% said they had learned something new. The most popular project was Robotics, which was offered in grade 6 by Mr Stark. Only 3% did not like the project. The “Post-It-War” was also very popular, which was offered by Mrs von Häfen and Mrs Frömmel.

A special highlight was the visit of the German author Florian Russi in grade 5, 6 and 8. He presented the project “Fabula Rasa” together with a representative from the Bertuch Publishing House and the head of the German department Mr Thilo Berk. After the students had learned from him about the topic fables and how to write them, they wrote some themselves in the following week. The will be presented on February 26h in the House of Pianos in Dubai.

All in all, spirits were high during the project week and they were happy about the change of topics and teaching methods. Only 7% of all students were not happy.