The project days of the DISD Primary School took place from February 28th to March 2nd. Each grade had its own theme.

“As an integral part of the curriculum, project days are designed for children to engage intensively with a particular topic. Various teaching and learning methods are used in a targeted manner to promote independent learning. The project days are always a welcome change in the school day and are enthusiastically accepted by the children. Creative results are achieved, which the children still enjoy exhibiting in the weeks afterwards.
We are grateful and happy that we were able to hold the project days during the pandemic. It was a special experience for all children during this difficult time.”

Inga Rehbein, Head of Primary School


The students of the first grades learned everything worth knowing and exciting about fish. The mysterious underwater habitat of the animals and the diversity of species of different fish. Accompanying the lessons, the students made very creative and beautiful pictures and small works of art.

 “The children had a lot of fun with the exciting topic and in the collaborative creative implementation.”

Melanie Dziergwa, Head of Grade 1

Our second graders learned everything about butterflies. The metamorphosis of the animal, starting with the larva, through the pupation to the final evolution into a butterfly was explained in detail. With great passion for detail, the students then created and painted beautiful little works of art. The students of grade 2b also presented the butterfly theme in a musical interpretation.

“Through the musical implementation, the children were able to grasp the theme of butterflies with all their senses and express what they had learned in the community. This promotes self-esteem and social competence.”

Cornelia Kraus, Head of Grade 2

The third grades successfully proved that project days are also possible under extraordinary circumstances. The focus here was on the topic of weather. The students created their own weather reports and presented them to each other very authentically and creatively in a Zoom-Meeting. In addition, the students worked together on reading strategies in online lessons and summarized them in great texts about the rainbow. With lovely painted pictures, a great finale was dedicated to the rainbow on an artistic basis as well.

„The children had a lot of fun being real weather presenters for once. On the topic of “rainbows”, they developed and applied important reading strategies to promote reading skills. Of course, the creative implementation of the topic was not to be missed.”

Heike Prince-Smith, Head of Grade 3

Our 4th grades students successfully completed the project days with the final test on safe cycling. They all did a great job of following the rules and safety measures for cycling in traffic and mastered all the challenging courses. In the end, the students received a DISD bicycle driving license, which they proudly took home.

“We are glad that with this project we can give the children of DISD the opportunity for traffic education, teaching them important traffic rules that will make them safer on the road and on their bicycles. The children have learned a lot on the topic of safety and responsibility.”

Carola-Madeleine Kuby, Head of Grade 4