Greeting message from the DISD Principal Michael Lummel to the students

Dear students,

I wish you a successful school year 2019/20 from the bottom of my heart. As your principal I have three wishes for you and your classmates.

1. Be ambitious! Make the most of your potential, work and fight for a successful school year. Everyone has their own personal yardstick. For one student a 3 in mathematics may be a great success, for another anything but a 1 or 2 is a disappointment.

2. Enjoy your young life! When you’ve done your duty in school and homework, let go. You are young and have every right in the world to do things every day that are just good for you. Take part in sports, meet friends and enjoy…

3. Be social in your (class)community! Take care of other people every day, be helpful and have a smile left for your classmates. We spend a lot of time together here at DISD. Everyone has the right to feel comfortable at DISD. We all have to contribute to this every day.

P.S. I am looking forward to meeting you in school and to greeting each other.

Good luck!

Yours Michael Lummel