Primary School Closing Event

On the last day of school, all primary school students gathered together with their teachers and parents in the canteen for a wonderful last celebration before the certificates were distributed.

The students had prepared great performances like a dance to a Backstreet Boys song and some fun songs. Furthermore, all students sang the “DISD school song” which had been composed by some primary school teachers.

The best students of year 1 to 4 were honored and given small presents. Also, Mrs Priscille Pittet called three students to the stage whose math skills had been extraordinary: Max (4c), Leni (4a) and Jaden (4b) had scored great results at the Math Olympics. Mrs Danya Ouklah is leaving DISD and was thus warmly bid goodbye. Furthermore, Mrs Inga Rehbein, head of the primary school, thanked all children for the great efforts and good behavior in the past school year and wished them wonderful holidays. She distributed roses as a sign for thanks to all primary school teachers and the parents thanked them with a big round of applause.