Perparation week 2018/19

For the school administration and teachers, the school year started end of August already. In the so called preparation week, they had many meetings and trainings to prepare the new academic year in school and Kindergarten.

After the new colleagues had been welcomed on Sunday, August 26th, all employees met for lunch. The atmosphere was joyful; it was even close to the feelings students have on the first day of school. The colleagues were happy to see each other after the long break and everyone was curious to get to know the new staff.

The first big teacher’s conference took place, where new developments were presented, like the new subjects informatics and social studies and building alterations. Further the new colleagues, especially Dr. Sammy Wafi, the new vice principal, were introduced.  Afterwards, the teachers met in small groups where specific topics of Kindergarten and school were discussed and planned.

The Arabic teachers discussed the following topics: The department for Arabic as a foreign language presented their curriculum which was created according to the motto “Arabic is fun”. The goal is to develop the different learning skills, especially speaking and to bring the Arabic culture closer to the students. The department for Arabic as a native language is looking forward to the new project “Arabic and Islamic scientists” which aims to deepen the knowledge of the Arabic and Islamic culture at DISD.

The art department is looking forward to the highlights of this year: The visit of the international art fair Art Dubai in March with exhibitions of 104 galleries from the UAE and 46 other countries. The Visit of the Sikka Art Fair, which is named after the atmospheric alleys (sikkas) in the historic Al Fahidi neighborhood. Here, students will experience live painting, Arabic “Calligraffiti”, 3D portraits and amazing acoustic and audio visual works well as theater.

Safe Hands held a First Aid Workshop, which is mandatory for every DISD employee every 2 years. Furthermore, more informational meetings and department meetings were held.

The English department in secondary school aims to perform very good at the KHDA inspection this year again. The department is looking forward to the trip to Poole, England with the 10th graders and projects on the topic Creative Writing.

The German department will continue with their various projects on language, culture and reading: Reading competitions with the DIS Sharjah and DIS Abu Dhabi for grades 5 and 6, “Buddy – reading” in primary and secondary school, readings and projects with German authors, visits of theaters, operas and backstage as a part of the cultural education.

Furthermore, informational events about important topics like child protection, inclusion and diversity were held. The teachers for German as a foreign language (DaF) received a training from an external trainer and all employees were coached on the importance of internal and external Marketing.

The school is ready for the start into the new academic year on Sunday. All staff is looking forward to meeting the students and their families.