Peer Mediator Training at DISD

Last week the Peer Mediator Training started at DISD. Students from classes 6 to 9 are being  prepared for their task in 4 x 3 hour training sessions. They learn important skills, e.g. active listening, formulating I-messages, conducting discussions and how to find a solution or a compromise.

Peer mediation is a type of conflict consulting among students. In the words of the students it means “ending the argument among ourselves without teachers, settling the dispute verbally, abiding by rules, clarifying the causes of the argument, being able to say to each other openly what is bothering us and trying to find joint solutions.“

The project aims to improve the school atmosphere. Unsolved arguments or hidden conflicts among the pupils are recognized and solved at an early stage. By the peer mediators mediating in conflict situations and helping to find a joint solution, they learn to assume responsibility, to think about social relationships and to put themselves into other people’s shoes.

The peer mediators are trained by the school counselor Mrs Silke Glaab and regularly supported and advised by the liaison teachers.