An overview and short introduction of our new employees.

Mrs Priscille Pittet is the new class teacher of 4b, replacing Mrs. Marion Singler. She has three children at DISD and has been in Dubai since August 2015. She studied at the “Pädagogische Hochscule” in Zurich, Switzerland and has worked as a teacher until coming to Dubai.

Mr Matthias Preiß is the new head of Kindergarten since February 1st.  He has leadership experience from several Kindergartens in Germany and abroad. Previously, he was the head of Kindergarten at the German School St. Petersburg. Before that, he was responsible for the founding of German Kindergartens in Shanghai and Ho-Chi-Minh City. He is originally from Dresden.

Mr Werner Hoppstock is the substitute teacher for Mr Metelmann and arrived beginning of January. He teaches the subjects Math and Physics in Secondary School. He brings with him years of experience teaching abroad, previously at the German schools in Riad and Adis Abeba. Furthermore, he taught for 5 years in Istanbul and 6 years in Warsaw. Originally, he is from Hattingen, close to Dusseldorf.


Ilham Abed-Ali is the new teacher in the Haifischgruppe. She comes from Berlin and is new in Dubai. Mrs Abed-Ali studied education and linguistics at the Humboldt University. She has previously worked in at a kindergarten in Berlin-Neukölln.


Franca Schucht is the new PR & Marketing assistant. She comes from Berlin and studied International Management & Arabic in Bremen. During her studies, she spent a semester in Cairo and in Muscat. Previously she has worked for the Vietnamese-German University, where she supported the Marketing & Events department. She is new in Dubai and enjoys exploring the city.


Silke Maurmann is new in team of the primary school teachers. She works as an assistant teacher.

Antje Koschitzke is new in team of the primary school teachers. She works as an assistant teacher.


Ines Ehmanns is new in team of the primary school teachers. She teaches DaF (German as Foreign Language) and Remedial Teaching (Math)

Marie Christine Jolk is new in team of the secondary school teachers. She teaches French and English and offers a French Class for Beginners in the afternoon.

Since September 2017:


Helmut Jolk is the new principal at the DISD. Mr Jolk studied Mathematics and Physics in Konstanz and is a principal with an extensive experience abroad. He was headmaster for the German division of an international school in Toulouse, France, principal at the German School in Brüssel, at the Neue Deutschen Schule Alexandria and at the German school in Doha. Furthermore he was principal in Germany at the Gymnasium in Rheinau and at the Kreisgymnasium Hochschwarzwald in Tittisee-Neustadt.

Daniela Schwenke is the new Head of Kindergarten at DISD.

Anika Hermanns is our new secretary. She moved from Qatar to Dubai in January 2016. Mrs Hermanns worked in the hotel industry for many years. She is a trained hotel specialist and studied hotel management. She is looking forward to working with her colleagues, the parents and the students at DISD.

Nadine Abdel Baghy is a new kindergarten assistant. Many know her through her work and commitment for the parents’ council. She has been living in Dubai for three years and has two children in the DISD Primary School. She studied social pedagogy with a focus on therapeutic and rehabilitation pedagogy.

Philine Dahm is the class teacher of 1b. She is from Hamburg and has worked there at a Primary School for the past four years. Mrs Dahm has already acquired some experience abroad working as a primary school assistant at the German school in Shanghai.

Susanne DeMartini is a new Kindergarten assistant. She has been living in Dubai for two and a half years. Mrs DeMartini has two children in the secondary school at DISD. Her previous occupation was being a PR-Assistant. She is excited and looking forward to working with the kindergarten children.

Yvonne Fischer is the class teacher of 1a. She comes from the Odenwald and studied in Heidelberg. Mrs Fischer acquired experience abroad working in Egypt for the German school in Alexandria and Hurghada.

Lay Kar Kho is an experienced music teacher in the fields of violin, piano, music theory and music science. He comes from Malaysia and holds a bachelor of music (University of Southern California) and a Master of Music (University of Oregon). He has been teaching for more than two decades. In addition he is a big fan of foreign languages and speaks five languages.

Sara Osman is the new teacher for the Muschelgruppe. The Viennese is new to Dubai and has seven years working experience as a kindergarten teacher. She loves to make music and plays the guitar.

Inga Otte is the new DaF (German as foreign language) teacher for the primary school. She has been living in Dubai since 2011 and used to work at DISD before – as teacher for German and Ethics. Now she is coming back after completing her parental leave.

Anne Schwandt is from Rostock and has worked there as a kindergarten teacher. She holds a BA as childhood pedagogue and has been working as an au pair in America and Australia.

Carsten Stark is a new mathematics teacher for secondary school. He comes from Cape Town and has been teaching Secondary School II classes at the German International School Capetown for 17 years.

Kathrin Turri-Weiss is a new kindergarten assistant. She has been living in Dubai for four years and has three children at DISD. She loves to do crafting and is a passionate painter and is looking forward to working creatively with the children.

Annelie Wolf is a teacher for German, English and Ethics in Secondary School. She comes from Würzburg and is new to Dubai. Mrs Wolf has worked for the Secondary School in Schweinfurt. She acquired experience abroad as an English teacher in Liverpool, England. Furthermore she has been teaching ethics and social studies to a job integration class (refugees) in Schweinfurt.