An overview and short introduction of our new employees in the new school year .

Please visit the website for the full info on contact persons in Kindergarten, Primary School and Secondary School.


Jobin Johns is a new employee in the DISD Facility Team and takes over the position from Mubashir Aranikal. Mr. Johns will be a technician and driver at our school. He comes from Kerala in India, is married and has one daughter. For the past 3 years Jobin Johns has been living in Dubai, where he last worked as a technician for the Emirates Group.



Florian Herrmann is the new secretary at our school, taking over the position from Nazan Bürger. He is new in Dubai and is looking forward to the new challenge. Mr. Herrmann comes originally from Vienna, where he most recently worked as an administrative assistant.  


Rainer Geburzyk is the new art teacher at DISD. He comes from Frankfurt and interrupts his retirement for the next 6 months to take over the position of Antonia Gadzo. Mr. Geburzyk has worked as a teacher of art and politics and economics in Germany and Singapore for 39 years. In his spare time he is active as an artist (painter). He is also an avid outdoor fan and enjoys exploring the desert of the Emirates together with his wife Petra.  


Nurka Bulic is the new school psychologist at DISD, taking over the position from Irina Lisak. Ms. Bulic is a native of Bosnia and has been living in Dubai for 2 years. She has spent the last few years working in Bosnia, Turkey and Germany and is very much looking forward to working with the students and parents. 


Yvonne Würtz is state certified business administrator and supports the Marketing Team from now on. She has multiple years of experience in Sales Marketing with focus on Event Management and worked for Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart. Since 3 years, she has been living in Dubai with her husband and worked in her previous position as an Sales and Marketing Manager for Bloom Outdoor Furniture Dubai.


Sarina Hoefler has just arrived in Dubai. She will work as a German foreign language teacher in the primary school. The Austrian has a teaching degree & a Waldorf degree and last worked in Shenyang, China at an international school as class teacher and choir director. As a hobby, she is a singer and enjoys music and dance.


Hoda Waked returns to DISD as an Islamic and Arabic teacher. She has already worked at DISD 10 years ago. Most recently, she worked in Bamberg as an Islamic teacher at a public school. She has 2 children attending DISD.


Ute Bork comes as a teacher to the turtle group in DISD Kindergarten. She has been living in Dubai with her husband for a yearPreviouslyshe worked at a Fröbel kindergarten in Bavaria as deputy headShe has two adult childrenenjoys making music and especially supports movement & dance in children.   


Dr. Zaineb Keli graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Fes, Morocco as General Practitioner and Paris Descartes University, France as Allergist. After doing her internship in reputed pediatric hospitals in Paris (Necker Hospital and Robert Debre Hospital), she worked in her own private practice. Dr. Zaineb Keli moved to Germany in 2019 where she did an international medicine course and became German board licensed.


Melissa Schneider comes to DISD as a new remedial teacher. She comes from the area around Graz, Austria and has only been in Dubai since August. The trained teacher for secondary level 1 has recently taught English and Art at a “Neue Mittelschule”. She is also a certified yoga teacher.


Daniela Mottram comes to the DISD kindergarten as a teacher for German and German as a foreign language. She has been living in Dubai for one year and has a little daughter. She is a trained pediatric nurse and has a Bachelor and Master of Education. She also has work experience in kindergarten and children’s gymnastics and dance.


Beata Menge is employed as an assistant in the kindergarten. She lives in Dubai since 2008 and has a son at DISD. She studied philology and cultural management and has already gained work experience in kindergarten and as a teacher.  Additionally she organizes stage performances for small children.


Jonathan Bland is the new PE teacher and sports coordinator at DISD. He has been in 7 years in Dubai and originally from Manchester, UK. He has previously worked as a PE teacher and sports coordinator at two other schools in Dubai. He has a passion for football and athletics. His favorite hobby is skiing. He is currently learning German and looking forward practicing it at work.  

Gonzalez Castro Sonia

Sonia Gonzalez Castro comes as pregnancy replacement for Mrs. Abed-Ali in the shark group. She has been living in Dubai for one year, her sons attend the DISD school and kindergarten. The trained youth and home educator has already gained a lot of work experience, e.g. as a school companion and integration help in the kindergarten. She also accompanied a living unit for girls for 4 years.


Kübra Belen is employed as primary school teacher for DAF/DAZ at DISD. Born in Bedburg, near Cologne, she was last employed as a class teacher at an international elementary school and gained teaching German as a foreign language experience working in a refugee institution. 


Lidija Babic comes to DISD as assistant teacher. She has been living in Dubai for one year, together with her husband, DISD teacher, and two children who also attend DISD. Mrs. Babic has a Master’s degree in Slavic philology, history and psychology and gained teaching experience during her studies. In addition, she is a certified pharmaceutical representative (IHK) and as such has trained medical personnel. She has also studied museum education at Caritas.


Valentyna Haluschko is a new assistant teacher at DISD. She has Bachelor degrees in Music and Singing as well as Master degrees in Music Performance and Music Education. She has many years of experience as a music teacher, choir direction and student support. 


Anne-Marie Boers-Müller comes to DISD as a new assistant teacher.  Born in Nijmegen in the Netherlands, she has 20 years of experience as a German and French teacher and has been the head of a grade and contact person for gifted students for the last 6 years. Her degree is in German studies and she has lived in Russia for several years.


Ulrich Grimm is the new physics teacher at DISD. He is originally from Kiel and already gained a lot of experience abroad. Among other things, he studied partly in Russia and has already worked for 6 years at the German School in Mexico. Before moving to Dubai, he taught at a secondary school in Schleswig for 4 years. Mr. Grimm has two adult sons. He is looking forward to the time in Dubai and to further developing the STEM sector at DISD.


Cornelia Siemers is the new cashier at DISD. In December she moved with her family from Hamburg to Dubai. Her son attends the secondary school at DISD. The trained computer scientist and graphic designer likes to be creative in her free time.  


Janine Müller returns to DISD as a primary school teacher. She was already working here in the 2018/19 school year and previously worked at the Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai. She and her husband have lived in Dubai for 6 years and have 2 children and a dog.  


Rabea Schultz comes to DISD as a new primary school teacher. The teacher for special educational support did her teacher training in Düsseldorf at a special school for mentally handicapped people.  At the University of Dortmund, while completing her studies, she did research on the topic of mathematics for people with learning disabilities. In the past she has gained experience in remedial education and DAF. She knows Dubai through visits and is happy to get to know the country and its people better.  

S. Fleury supports the secondary school starting this school year. She teaches children and young people music, one of the most beautiful subjects, to inspire, cultivate and make people feel. Her joy is that music is also a big part of her private life, from Mozart to Morricone to Menken. S. Fleury also teaches English, the language of Shakespeare and one of the most beautiful and important languages in the world. She loves children and young people, beauty, inspiration and good communication. 


Tarryn Elliot supports the secondary school English faculty as a native English speaker. Originally from South Africa, she has taught at a school in Umm al Quwain for the last 2 years.


Assim Ettahiri comes to DISD as a new secondary school teacher. Originally from Bonn, with roots in Morocco, he has already gained experience abroad in France and Canada. He recently completed his teacher training in Heidelberg and brings with him a passion for theater.   


Mélanie Zaidi supports the secondary school from this school year on.  Her last position was at a secondary school in Bonn. Born in France, Mélanie Zaidi knows Dubai from traveling and is looking forward to many new experiences.  


Stefanie Altay supports the secondary school from this year onward. She last taught at an old-language secondary school in Ludwigshafen. The Mannheim native comes to Dubai with 2 sons, who both attend DISD. She is happy to finally be able to realize her dream of a stay abroad in Dubai.  


Lucrezia Ballacchino supports the elementary school from this school year on. The Cologne native with roots in Italy has been teaching at a secondary school in Euskirchen for the last 10 years. There she supervised the trainees and interns and taught the Drama club. She especially enjoyed organizing the school carnival. She knows Dubai and the region through family who already live here.  


Simone Suffel will be teaching at the secondary level of DISD from this school year on. Until recently she lived near the Swiss border and taught at a trade school in Lörrach. She has a lot of teaching experience in German as a foreign language and has also taught the integration class of her school. She has gained much experience abroad, in Northern Ireland, Namibia and Southern Italy. She comes to Dubai with her husband, 3 children – 2 of them at DISD – and a dog.  


Mareen Hafner teaches music in the elementary school starting this school year. In the past she has taught at an elementary school in Baden-Württemberg. She has been living in Dubai with her husband and 2 children since December. Both children attend DISD. She has spent the last 8 years with her family in the USA and Thailand. 


Petra Eyre supports the secondary school from this year on. She has lived and taught in Canada for the last 13 years. Born in Southern Germany, she is looking forward to new experiences and the warm weather in Dubai. She loves to run and travel.  


Julia Siebert supports the secondary school from this year on. Born in Russia, she grew up in Northern Germany. She last taught at the secondary school in Bremen. There she was the head of a year and the German department, and was active in school development and as contact person for gifted students. She is looking forward to the new experiences at DISD.  


Mohamed El Mehdi comes to DISD as an Arabic teacher. His most recent position was teaching at an international school in Cairo. The foreign language teacher (German and Arabic) has a degree in Islamic Studies and German Studies from Al Azhar, University of Cairo. After further training he is now looking forward to his new task at DISD.  


Miriam Jaskolski is the new kindergarten assistant in the Seelöwen group. She has been living in Dubai for 6 years and has been working as a yoga teacher. At the moment she is also training as a yoga teacher for children. Originally from the Düsseldorf area, she already has work experience in kindergarten and all-day schools.