An overview and short introduction of our new employees in the new school year .


Margit Holmes is the new learning assistant in the kindergarten, where she is employed by parents. Mrs Holmes has been living in Dubai since 1992 and worked for 4 years at the Jumeirah Bacalaureat School Dubai. She has been living in Dubai since 1992 and has previously worked at the Jumeirah Bacalaureat School Dubai for 4 years.


Meria Waizy is the new class teacher of the 2d. She knows Dubai well, but has only recently moved here permanently. She comes from Bielefeld and studied teaching English and German as foreign languages for secondary school. She has already gained work experience in primary school and is looking forward to the new challenge.


Zakarya Elliazidi is now part of the Arabic Department at DISD. Before moving to Dubai, he lived in Germany, teaching Arabic as a Foreign language at different universities. He studied Arabic and German as a foreign language at University of Leipzig. In his free time, he worked with refugees teaching German.


Rowena Almazan is a new Bus Conductor. She has been living in Dubai for 5 years and has worked in 2 nurseries. She obtains the CACHE certificate for Childcare and Health, which is KHDA-approved.


Bibinosh Cherian is the new Facility Manager at DISD. He has been living in Dubai since 2007 with his wife and two children. Previously, he worked as a Facility Manager for Majid Al Futtaim for 6 years and and in Oil & Gas.


Nina Aeckerle-Ekambi is the representative of the board.  She has lived in Dubai since 2012, and worked in event management previously. With a background in developement work, she loves exploring new cultures and languages – she speaks 5 –  and has lived in different countries before.


Denise Danner is the new assistant in the Kugelfische group. Originally from Frankfurt, she is a trained Real Estate Clerk but has also gained experience workindng with children. In the past 1.5  years she worked for Frankfurt Messe Office in Dubai.


Michael Lummel is the new principal of DISD. For the past 13 years he has worked at the Friedrich-Dessauer-Gymnasium in Aschaffenburg, during the past 6 years as principal. Before that he worked as a teacher at the European School in Singapore for three years. He also gained international experience during his studies in the USA. Please click here for greetings of the principal.

A. Ahmadi is a new member of the team of Arabic teachers. She teaches Arabic as a foreign language and Islam in primary and secondary school. Mrs Ahmadi studied Arabic and Islamic Theology at the University of Leipzig and has already taught at the German School in Abu Dhabi.


Zeljko Babic is the new class teacher of 5c and teaches German, History and Moral Education. For the past 10 years he taught German, History and Ethics at the Michaeli-Gymnasium in Munich. He has also been the coordinator of the school’s German Language Accompaniment Project and has led their German language support program. In addition, he was a regional and school internal lecturer on “German as a Foreign Language”, where he shared his experiences with language-sensitive teaching in teacher training courses. Furthermore, as a migration commissioner, he provided advice and support to pupils and parents with a migration history in order to overcome difficulties and obstacles in their everyday (school) life.


Julia Badrakhan teaches German as Foreign Language at the DISD Kindergarten. She studied Intercultural Pedagogy and German as Second Language in Cologne. She also trained as a care and case manager in Bonn, where she worked for more than 10 years in the public sector. She also worked in migration social work and as a teacher for German as Foreign Language. Since February 2019 she lives with her family in Dubai and has two children at DISD.


Hans Rudolf Bühlmann is an assistant teacher in primary and secondary school. He has been teaching German and Italian for 35 years. For both subjects he has a Master’s degree and a teaching diploma for secondary school up to the Matura. He worked for many years in the management of the oldest private grammar school in Zurich. He feels very close to the Arabian Peninsula and its culture, history and language. He likes bibliophile and other interesting books, the hoopoe birds of Dubai and old cars.


Dejana Enbashi the new assistant in the Schildkröten group. The linguist just completed an internship at the German School in Belgrade. She is also a published children’s book author.


Antonia Gadzo teaches art and sport at secondary level. The grammar school teacher studied in Hessen and has just completed her teacher training. She has made it her goal to pass on her enthusiasm for exercising and creativity to her students and is very much looking forward to the many new experiences she will gain at DISD.


Mandy Hartwig is the class teacher of the 3c. The secondary school teacher has studied bilingual history and English. She is new in Dubai and has already worked at a primary school in Berlin. In the last few months she completed her training as a yoga teacher in India.


Ludwig Heisters is the class teacher of 1d. The Bonn native is new in Dubai and has a lot of experience abroad. He previously worked at the German School Tokyo Yokohama in Japan and at the German School Shanyang in China. When he is not traveling the world, he likes to spend his free time with literature and art, he likes to draw.


Julian Kleij teaches physics and chemistry. The high school teacher originally comes from Oldenburg and is new in Dubai. Most recently he worked at the Gymnasium in Bad Godesberg (Bonn). He gained practical work experience in the natural sciences of a special kind by working at the particle accelerator of the University of Cologne.


Marion Kleine-Büning is the new member DISD support team for German as Foreign Language in primary school, and she will also teach moral education. She had already worked as a class teacher in our primary school from 2008 to 2012. Before that she worked for 2 years at the German School in Saudi Arabia.


Selina Krebs is the new class teacher for 7a. She comes from a small town in Swabia and last taught at a grammar school in Geislingen an der Steige. Mrs. Krebs likes to travel and already has a lot of experience abroad. She has already taught in England and Namibia and is happy to have the opportunity to inspire the DISD students for Geography and English.


Carola-Madeleine Kuby is the new class teacher of 3a. She previously spent three years at German International School Abu Dhabi, where she was class teacher in the grades three and four. Mrs. Kuby originally comes from Kaiserslautern, Germany. She studied English and primary education at the University of Koblenz. After her student-teacher training she worked at the Sonnenfeld-School Hilgert in the Westerwald region. Her hobbies are diving, basketball and playing the piano. Travelling is also a passion of hers, hence Mrs. Kuby already lived in Italy and the USA. She is looking forward to being part of the DISd and to the new school year.


Irina Lisak is the new school school counselor (psychologist) at DISD. She was born in Ukraine, studied in Switzerland and specializes in child psychology. She has already worked as a school counselor at the German School in Doha.


Patrizia Luhman is the new kindergarten teacher in the Seelöwengruppe. She has previously worked in a nursery in Mannheim. She already gained experience abroad in the kindergarten of the Swiss school in Peru as well as in Guatemala, the Dominican Republic and Africa. She is new in Dubai and is already looking forward to her new experiences in the Arab world.


Christian Metken is the new facilitator of the ReFo Center (training center for teachers of German Schools Abroad) at DISD for the Region 13, which includes German schools in Iraq, Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. The studied high school teacher for German and History could already gain foreign experiences in Montréal and Valencia. For the past eight years, he has been headmaster of a grammar school in Bavaria.


Danya Ouklah is back from the parental leave and will support the German as Foreign Language team in primary and secondary school from this school year on. The Aachen native has studied German and Spanish and already worked as a primary school teacher at the DISD for two years.


Yvonne Rein-Hamurcu is the new primary school librarian at DISD. She comes from Aschaffenburg and studied comparative religious studies and sociology. She is also a Goethe Institute qualified teacher for German as Foreign Language. Mrs. Rein-Hamurcu has been living with her family in Dubai for 10 years and has a son at DISD. She is very much looking forward to the varied work with the primary school and kindergarten children in the reading oasis.


Mohamed Salim is the new lifeguard. He comes from Kenya and lives with his family in Dubai. Salim has been working for the Jumeirah Hotel Group and Dubai Parks and Resorts (Legoland) for the last three years. He speaks English and some German.


Jessica Scherneck is the new secondary school librarian. She is new in Dubai and previously worked as an event manager in Paris. Ms. Scherneck holds a master’s degree in history, philosophy and literature, with a focus on library pedagogy, and has set herself the goal of turning the Bibliothopia into a source of inspiration for young and old.


Martin Scholz is the class teacher of 5a. He teaches English and History at secondary level. Mr Scholz was born and raised in Berlin and has already gained international experience at the German School in Qatar. Most recently he worked at a grammar school in Stuttgart. He is specialized in Technical English. He likes to spend his free time with mountain biking and mountaineering.


Kaya Waltersberger is the new class teacher of 2c and new in Dubai. She has just completed her teacher training at a secondary school near Freiburg. She has studied Mathematics, History and Social Sciences as well as Everyday Culture and Nutrition. In her spare time she likes to play football.


Uta Zeug-Lummel teaches English and Sports in secondary school. The grammar school teacher previously worked in Miltenberg am Main (Bavaria), where she also led a rowing group. Mrs. Lummel has two children at DISD and is looking forward to the many outdoor activities here in the region. She has already gained experience abroad in Ireland and at the German School in Singapore.