Meet the Determined: Meet & Greet with Special Olympics Germany

On March 11th, DISD had the opportunity to meet a part of the Special Olympics Germany Team in Rove Hotel Healthcare City.

DISD fourth graders had prepared a song together with head of the primary school choir Mrs Cornelia Kraus, which the presented. The athletes like it so much, that they even sang it together a second time.

Some students, who had participated in the World School Games also came along as they were excited to meet the athletes personally.

Some athletes introduced themselves and their discipline.

Then, presents were exchanged. The athletes gave DISD a pennant and a book, where all athletes were introduced. The DISD had a broad a teddy bear in school uniform, as a luck charm.

The athletes loved it and gave him the name “Paul of Special Olympics Germany”.

Afterwards, they all took a group pictures together and everyone had a chance to chat.

The students and athletes had many questions for each other, not only on sports. The athletes told exciting stories about their arrival in the UAE and mentioned, that they felt very welcomed.

Selfies were taken and the Team gave some signatures. Everyone had a great time!

Everyone who want to cheer for the team, can get free tickets at the reception, for Friday, Saturday and Monday.