Mathmatics Contests are important at DISD

3rd rounds of the math olympics

As we reported here, 9 students from year 4 to 8 qualified for the national round of the maths olympics in March. Palina Pahl from 6th grade won first place for her year as well as the highest points in total. Go for it, Palina, we are proud!

2nd places were reached by Leni Schulz (4th grade), Carl-Luis Anstett (6th grade) und Nour Guedhami (7th grade).

Who jumps furthest?

As every year, March 15th means „Kangaroo Contest” for year 3 to 12. Over 400 students did their best at DISD. In April, the long awaited certificates arrived finally from Germany.

Our winners are:

3rd place for Karim Noah, Bela Reese, Ty Stevens (all year 6)

2nd place for Colin Lake (year 8)

1st place for Jonathan Gutmann (year 8)

The biggest jump with 17 right answers did Yosef Awad from year 4.

Congratulations all our winners as well as to all participants, who received a small 3D puzzle.

Furthermore, there was a premiere for the students of year 1 and 2. Three classes were able to participate in the Mini Kangaroo Contest, which was great fun for all. The biggest jump made Msram Mahmoudi from class 2c.