Math & Informatics Competitions

DISD students take part Math Olympics on National Level

Congratulations! 9 students from year 4 to 8 qualified for the third round of the Math Olympics.

They traveled to Abu Dhabi on February 23 and 24th to test their skills.

The competitions went on for 2 to 4 hours and everyone gave their best. We are very proud of you!

We are excited for the results and will report about them here.

After the competition the students were rewarded with a yummy lunch and a visit to the newly opened Louvre Museum.

Biber Competition 2017

This year students from year 3 to 12 took part in the Informatics Competition, which was held online.

The skills in logical, creative and mathematical thinking were strong and many students made it to first and second place.

The Winning class of the Primary School was 4a and 9a from Secondary School.

They had gotten the highest number of points as a team and received a voucher from the school to take an excursion together.

We hope to many more participants in the next school year.

Kangaroo Competition

For many years now, students from year 3 to 12 take part in the International Kangaroo Competition on the 3rd Thursday in March. For the first time this year, Year 1 and 2 take part in the Mini Kangaroo Competition.

We wish everyone best of luck! We will report about the results here.

KenKen – International Championship 2018

After a very successful year for DISD, the registrations are opened for the competition for the next school year. Interested students should contact Mr Frisch as soon as possible.