Martial Arts Belt Exam at DISD

On Sunday and Monday, the belt examination of Taekwando took place at DISD. Mr Alexie Andres has been teaching this form of Martial Arts, which puts the focus on respect towards each other, discipline and concentration, to the primary school students for over 3 years. Some students learn the Korean martial art, which is characterized by speed and dynamic since Kindergarten. In the beginning of the class, the teacher led a warm-up, including jumping jacks, running and jumps. Then stretching followed.

Mr Andres answered the questions of his students in a calm manner and in return asked the students for concentration and stamina. Afterwards, the students practiced their fighting, were they showed a lot of energy and competitive spirit but nonetheless followed the rules. The students were tested in different tasks like falling, jump kicks and hand techniques. Nevertheless, they felt nervous, they gave their very best for the exams and impressed with high jumps and focus.