Little Gardeners Project

On December 14th we started the LITTLE GARDENERS project, which will run through the winter months. The children planted different herbs and vegetables in the garden of the kindergarten. During the next weeks they will watered them and later be able to taste and enjoy their harvest.

This project is great fun for the kids and at the same time gardening is a great way for children to learn in a way that engages all senses. Planting seeds and watching them grow helps children learn about the growth process and it teaches them responsibility and patience. When children participate in growing edible plants, they are more motivated to taste, eat, and enjoy fruits and vegetables. Gardening also helps children to build an understanding of and to have respect for nature and our environment.

Text: Birte Kuhn (mother of a child of the Regenbogenfische group)

You can find more pictures on our Facebook page.