“Lesekoffer” start their journey through the DISD

On October 16th a special initiative to support children in learning and loving to read. In Kindergarten and Primary school, “Lesekoffer” (Reading aloud suitcases) were distributed, full of books, to awake the curiosity and interest in books in the students.

In primary school, the librarian Mrs Walaa Tawfik and Mrs Heike Elstermann, who had organized the presentation, introduced the initiative. One suitcase per grade was handed out to one class and they can enjoy the books for four weeks before it is given to the next class. The books are being used since last year and since each grade has received age-specific book, they include new topics for each grade. Heike Elstermann, head of the German department in primary school explained: ” The children love the “Lesekoffer”. It is a project to grow the motivation to read. When children like to read, their vocabulary is growing and grammar and spelling is trained.”

In Kindergarten, the German online book shop lesekidz presented the “Lesekoffer” on October 22nd. The German publishers Ravensburger Buchverlag and Verlagsgruppe Oetinger organized a box full of books for Kindergartens in Germany since 2010 and it is a special honor for lesekidz and DISD to give the German-speaking kids in the UAE this opportunity as well. Two packed boxes with picture – and listening books, audio books, games and movies was given to the children and teachers, so the kids can discover the love for reading even before the start of school. In the course of the year, the box will go to all 12 groups of Kindergarten.

On that occasion, the lesekiz team visited the Seepferdchengroup to read them the story of Raven Sock “All Mine”. Fitting to the story – sharing and playing together – the children discovered the gerat treasures hin the boxes together. Parents had tohe opportunity to buy books all day.

Barbara Schaffer-Weinzettl & Angelika Frisch-Barakat from lesekidz told us, why the project is so important to them: “The picture book is the first contact for children with literature. It is especially important to give children to access to high quality books, and age apropriate text and pictures.”