Thursday, February 1st was the last day of the first term for the students of DISD. On this occasion, the principle Mr Jolk invited all students of 3.-12. Grade to the canteen. Firstly, he honored all students who had successfully passed the DELF exam this term. Furthermore, Mrs Schöne, head of the math department asked all students to the stage, who had delivered exceptional results in the Math Olympics, Bieber and KenKen competition. Afterwards, the sports teachers distributed honorary certificates to students who had put special efforts in sports as well as social interactions. Mrs Reul, head of the sports department, announced that they would alo receive free tickets to the Duty Free Tennis tournament in Dubai. Finally, Mr Jolk wished good luck to all graduates for their upcoming exams and released all students to their well-deserved weekend.


It was an especially exciting day for the first graders who received the first report cards in their life. They presented big smiles when the proud class teachers handed them the report cards.