One school – many nationalities

Celebrating our cultural diversity.


Knowing and understanding the diversity in culture, religion, mentality and nationality of our students serves as a basis for a peaceful togetherness with mutual and respectful understanding at our school.

With the motto “One School – many Nationalities – Celebrating our cultural diversity” a first International Day will take place at DISD on September 20th 2018, organized by the Parent’s Council. The exact date is to be announced.

The stands of the individual countries will show something traditional and curios things, among them culinary treats as well as cultural and musical contributions.

Each country needs your ideas and your active support. The more helping hands, the better and more successful the event will be.

Join the organizing team!

If you would like to support the event as a stand organizer (if not determined yet) or as a volunteer for “your country”, please get in touch with your parents representative or with Mrs Gentilucci and Mrs Uremi via email to

Decorative items

You can support the International Day as well with decorative items, if you travel to your home country during the summer holidays. Especially after the football world cup you can find decorative items, such as napkins, flags, pennants, garlands, caps, wristbands, etc. at good prices.