Group Work despite Distance Learning – French Video Project

Language teaching, in particular, thrives on mutual dialogue, which is not easy, especially in times of the corona crisis. The students usually work alone on their weekly plans or occasionally only have the opportunity to use the language to be learned in live sessions.  But this does not have to be in times of digitalization!

Classes 8b, 12a and 12b, for example, have tried in small projects to see if group work is also possible in the distance learning phase – with success.

Class 8b worked in small groups on the French language for young people and produced an information video together. Classes 12a and 12b dealt with the current situation of France during the Corona crisis and produced a news report.

These projects not only promoted the French language but also enabled the pupils to deal with the respective topics independently and in mutual exchange. They proved that it is possible to work effectively together despite distance and isolation.

Text: Dominique Pienkny, Head of the French Department

„Le Verlan“, an informational video by Feras, Seif, Noam and Mahmoud from class 8b

„Corona en France“, a news clip by Lenia from class 12a and Danit from class 12b