Greenlight for Girls

Dubai Knowledge Park is huge and includes many different universities, institutes and the Conference Center where we spent our day, thanks to the ‘Greenlight for Girls’. This project started with Melissa Rancourt, who wanted to give young girls an opportunity to promote their interests and strengths in STEM, in short Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Now it’s worldwide and for the first time in Dubai.

On October 29th 2019, Mrs Wingrich, Cecilia and I took part in this event where girls from different schools met and experimented together. There were three in my group. My favorite experiment of them was when we made the bath bomb because we could choose what color and what scent it could have.

In my group we started with airplanes and paper planes. It was interesting to have to think about how to modify today’s airplanes to make them more environmentally friendly. The following paper airplane race was also a lot of fun. And who would have thought that you only need a battery, a small motor and wheels or a propeller to build a small robot?

But even though we were in different groups, we had a great experience. At the end, Melissa Rancourt, the manager, gave us some inspiring words, especially “Nothing is impossible!

Text: Amina, 7b and Cecilia, 11a