DISD Graduation Ceremony 2019

At the German International School Dubai 30 graduates of the year 2019 were honored with a festive ceremony

On Thursday evening, June 13, 2019, the red carpet was rolled out in the German International School Dubai (DISD). The principal and the board invited to a festive graduation ceremony to give out the certificates for the German „Hauptschulabschluss”, „Realschulabschluss” and the „Abitur”.

Twenty-four students successfully completed the German International “Abitur” at the DISD this year. The average school-leaving grade in this school year is 2.27 and the best „Abitur” has been achieved by the student Lena Rester with a remarkable final grade of 1.0.

For the occasion, the school was festively decorated. Before the ceremony, the graduates, their families and friends as well as the guests of honor and DISD employees were able to refresh themselves with refreshing drinks and an organic and delicious, typically German buffet by the school’s canteen operator Organic Foods & Café.

It included schnitzel with potato salad or sausages with mashed potatoes, delicious salad, pretzels and Obatzda (Bavarian style cheese) and red fruit jelly with vanilla sauce in the glass.

The guests were welcomed by the acting headmaster Dr. Sammy Wafi. Guests of honor included Major General Sharafuddin Sharaf and Salah Sharaf from the Sharaf Group, German Consul General Günter Rauer and Vice-Consul for Culture, Alexandra Chambless, Felix Neugart , CEO of AHK Dubai (German-Emirati Joint Business Council) , and as well from the newly won school sponsor DHL Global Fowarding, Mrs. Dalia Farahat.

The first speech was given by Consul General Günter Rauer, who congratulated the graduates, gave a brief review of the school’s development and encouraged students to stay in touch with the DISD.

Masters of Ceremony were the students Lenia Keffel and Yehya Abdelbak. The national anthems of the UAE and Germany were performed by the students Omar Noureldin and Chamlin Rashid.

Mr. Patrick Braunschweig spoke for the board. Very entertaining, he spoke about his educational experiences from the different phases of his own development, from study to profession. Finally, as a last piece of advice to the graduates, he cited the well-known phrase of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktum, the ruler of Dubai: “The world is waiting for no one – anyone who does not learn and does not develop can stumble and often fall”.

The class teachers of grade twelve, Mrs. Susanne Bode and Mrs. Susanne Reuls had prepared a humorous speech, which they performed together and very charming. They talked about many funny and moving moments that they have experienced in recent years with their classes. Not only in class, but also on various school trips, for example to Paris or Sri Lanka. The anecdotes reflected the good relationship of the teachers with their students and they thanked them for their trust, openness and individuality. In addition, they congratulated and thanked the parents.

In the following speech Principal Dr. Sammy Wafi as well thanked the parents for their trust and for choosing the German International School Dubai. He also briefly summed up the 10-year development history of the DISD, which two of the high school graduates even experienced completely, since they attend the German school in Dubai, which was then a branch of the German school in Sharjah, since the kindergarten.

Dr. Wafi addressed the students with an Arabic quote: On Sand is written what you learn in old age; Engraved in stone, what you have learned in youth. He emphasized the many opportunities that the graduates will have on their way, as their schooling in the multicultural environment of Dubai has shaped them in a special way and they have become cosmopolitan personalities. He wished them all the best for their future journey and reminded them that curiosity, diligence, will and passion will help them to walk this path successfully.

Next, he thanked the well-organized DISD-teacher-team, which has once again mastered the not insignificant organizational and consulting-related challenges of the secondary school level II technically and legally competent. Special thanks went to the secondary school II coordinator Mrs Andra Schöne and to the secondary school level I coordinator Mrs. Ines Wingrich as well as to the class teachers of the graduates, who competently, patiently and heartily advised the students on their way. Special thanks also went to the Ministerial Advisor Thomas Mayer from the Bavarian Ministry of State, who came to Dubai for the third time to get a personal impression of the quality and performance of the DISD graduates. Unfortunately, he could attend the ceremony, because the work had already called him back to Germany.

For the main part of the event, the handover of the certificates, each student was individually called on stage and honored. Subsequently the following students were awarded: Lena Rester as best of year, Karim Korshid for his impressive performance improvement in the qualification phase and during the exams, and Noah Müller in recognition of his very good school results in the qualification phase and in the exams, despite the requirements and his time obligations as a competitive athlete.

Next, Dr. Wafi took the opportunity to thank the German Consul General Günter Rauer for the good cooperation in the last three years on behalf of the school’s administration and board, since this summer, the term of office of the Consul General ends in Dubai.

The principal then thanked the secondary school coordinators and the class teachers of the graduates with flowers. The graduates Annika Stumpp and Sherif Al-Sadek joined him on the stage to thank the school, their teachers and their parents. Then, all graduates came to the stage to take a group picture with their teachers.

The musical program was compiled by the Head of Music, Mr. Lay Kar Kho. The students Annika Langenstein and Bahnaas Albanhawi presented the Minuet in G of the Music Books of Anna Magdalena Bach on their violins. Chamlin Rashid and Omar Noureldin sang “Tage wie diese” by the German band Die Toten Hosen.

At the end of the event, the popular primary school choir under the direction of Mrs. Cornelia Kraus closed the cermony with a great performance of the song “Ciao, es war schön” by Fredrik Vahle.