Grade 11 @ Emirates Soil Museum

On Thursday, January 23rd, grade 11 visited together with Mr. B├╝hlmann and Mrs. Krebs the Emirates Soil Museum Dubai. During this visit, the subjects of the lessons, such as the formation of soil, were deepened, new knowledge was acquired and the subject of sand was dealt with creatively. The excursion began with a guided tour of the museum. Mai Shalaby, curator, patiently explained the different types of soil in the UAE and also the associated problems for agriculture. In order to have more than just theoretical knowledge, various soil samples were examined in small groups in a workshop for their pH, grain size and nitrate content, among other things, and the results and thus soil types were analysed. Afterwards the pupils were allowed to be creative with self-made paints made of sand and to design a canvas. It was a very successful excursion, which will surely be remembered for a long time.