Successful Conference with all German Schools Abroad of the Region at DISD

From February 13th to 15th the second regional network conference of Region 13 (Turkey and the Middle East) at the German International School Dubai.


Board members, head of administrations and principals of region’s 14 German Schools Abroad met for knowledge exchange on the topic “Good Governance – The collaboration of principals, school board and school administration based on the new orientation framework with the example of process design”.


The Conference started with a keynote speech with the speaker and experienced coach Tobias Rohde about Process Design and Process Responsibility. Then under the moderation of facilitator Birger Reese the participants exchanged their point of view on the understanding of their role and the necessity of a successful and sustainable design of school-related processes. For the coming year they have agreed on a cooperation in their social media marketing, the organization of a joint sports festival and the set-up of a shared digital platform for the knowledge exchange between the schools.


Text: Birger Reese