German Telephone Booth installed as Book Swap

For some weeks now, a piece of German history stands in the school’s foyer. The yellow telephone booth, which had a place on every German street corner in the past, has found its way to Dubai, after many detours and efforts.

German teacher at DISD, Mr Thilo Berk, had the idea, after becoming aware of the many „Upcycling“ projects with the telephone booth in Germany. He set a goal to bring a telephone booth to DISD and use it as a public library. Mr Berk than got in touch with the German Mail and was informed that only a few pieces were left in the Berlin warehouse. The rest had been sold. After many emails and calls, he finally was able to convince the German Mail to give one telephone booth to DISD. Afterwards Mr Berk got in touch with Mr Martin Schaefer, director of air fright in the UAE and Oman at the German logistics company Kuehne & Nagel. The father of two children at DISD was able to organize the transport free of charge from Germany to Dubai. Mrs Margit Weber, in charge for procurement at DISD, then took over the responsibility to coordinate with Kuehne & Nagel as well as customs so the telephone booth reached DISD as soon as possible.

In the spring holidays it was finally delivered. However, the way to the foyer was longer than expected. The telephone booth weighed a lot and teamwork was required by Kuehne & Nagel and Facility Manager Mr Nasir Quadri and his team.

By now, the telephone booth was equipped as a book swap. Under direction of the secondary school librarian Mrs Carolin Delp and Mr Berk, it is now open for all, to swap their own books with books they have not read. Books for adults and children can be found and thus it is open for all, students’ parents and DISD staff.

We hope to bring German history closer to our students and simultaneously create a space, where everyone has access to German books, a valuable good in Dubai.

Without the commitment of our staff Mrs Weber and Mr Berk, the yellow telephone booth, a piece of home for many Germany, would have never found its long way to Dubai. To them and to Mr Schaefer and his team at Kuehne & Nagel, we say a big Thank You