Students can obtain German Swimming Badge on June 29th at Hamdan Sports Complex

On SATURDAY, June 29th 2019 from 9 am – 12pm, students can obtain the German Swimming Badges Bronze and Silber. The tests will be conducted by the DISD sports teachers.

Location: Hamdan Sports Complex

Fee for DISD-parents: 30 AED

Fee for Non-DISD students: 50 AED

Please fill our the registration form and hand it in at the DISD secretary, together with the fee. Alternatively you can also send an E-Mail to the secretary and pay at the day of the event.  Deadline for registration is June 26th. The registration form needs to be handed in/sent beforehand. Registration on the day of the event is not possible.

The Swimming Badges can be obtained in any order and students can obtain both badges on the same day. They both need to be paid for.

The next Seepferdchen-Exam will be held in October 2019.

Jugendschwimmabzeichen Bronze (Freischwimmer)

  • Jump from Pool Edge and at least 200 m swimming in max 15 min
  • One time ca. 2 m diving for item from water surface
  • Jump 1m or start jump
  • Knowledge of Swimming Rules  (in German)

Jugendschwimmabzeichen Silber

  • Start Jump and at least 400m swimming in max. 25 minutes, including face-down position and 100m in back-position
  • Two times 2 m diving for item from the water surface
  • 10 m long dive
  • 3 m jump
  • Knowledge of Swimming Rules and self-rescue (in German)