First day at school celebration

The first day of school at the DISD was an exciting day. Not only for the 58 school starters, equipped with school uniform and bulging school cone, but as well for the parents, relatives and friends that came with them to celebrate the big day in the school canteen on September 13th.

After the welcoming address of Head of Primary School Mrs Inga Rehbein and the principal Mr Helmut Jolk, the grade two students presented an ABC song and a short play. The first graders watched and listened tensely and forgot their excitement for a moment. Then the new students of the Erdmännchen (merkats), Bären (bears) and Panda class were called to come to the stage and right after went with their teacher to their first school lesson ever.

Their relatives spent the waiting time on the canteen gallery, where a delicious coffee and cake buffet had been organized by the parents from grade two. The parents used the waiting time to exchange information and to socialize.

Meanwhile in the classrooms the students worked on their first assignments. The class mascots got introduced, name signs were created and first homework was given. All students felt really comfortable in their classes and enjoyed their first lesson. But even though they could hardly wait to finally get to unpack their school cone.

The typical German tradition of the school cone is a well maintained at DISD. Towards the end of every school year the preschool organizes the crafting of the school cones for the parents of the future first graders. Out of colored and corrugated card board, foam rubber, and crepe paper works of art emerge according to the kids’ taste. For the first day of school the school cones get filled with all kind of beautiful, useful and delicious things.

At the end of the first lessons the parents were allowed to pick up their children from the classrooms. Many used the opportunity to have souvenir pictures taken by the school photographer.