First Aid & Family Safeguarding Workshop at DISD

We want to thank Alys, Nurse from Safe Hands and Ben, Campaign Manager of Finsbury Associates, who held a remarkable workshop free of charge for DISD parents this Wednesday.


Alys focused on the right handling of emergency situations:

  1. Ensure its own security, e.g. in case of a traffic accident
  2. Try talking to the injured person
  3. Call an ambulance
  4. Check for Breathing
  5. Perform Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)


CPR as well as saving choking babies, children and adults was clearly described using rescue training dummies.

Ben informed the parents on the regional specifications regarding custody and guardianship. In this field, parents are not aware of the stark legal differences from their home countries.


Around 20 parents attended the workshops and gave very positive feedback on the competent explanations of these often distressing and complex topics. We want to thank the experts and are happy to offer “our” parents this kind of opportunity, just as for our staff for whom First Aid courses are mandatory.


We hope to offer extended First Aid courses to interested parents soon, which lead to internationally recognized certificates. Please look out for announcements in the school and online.