Farewell of Mrs Cierpka

At the end of the school year one big farewell had to be given at the German International School Dubai. After eight years of service the popular Head of Secondary II Sybille Cierpka is leaving Dubai. She is returning to her hometown Berlin where she will be teaching at a French school.

All students and teachers of Secondary School, and as well some parents, administration staff and alumni had gathered in the school’s canteen to bid her farewell.

First speaker was Principal Helmut Jolk who thanked Mrs Cierpka for her successful service at the DISD. Class 6b performed for the Berliner the classic musical piece Berliner Luft. Further the father of an alumni and teacher Carolin Schemenau had prepared speeches, in which they expressed that Mrs Cierpka leaves a lasting and profound impression. Besides her high competence and discipline, she always worked with heart and a big sense of justice.

The students of grade 6b surprised her with around 500 self-made paper planes that they let fly down the canteen gallery while students of grade ten expressed good wishes for her future on the stage.

At the end the Primary School Choir, that Mrs Cierpka is a huge fan of, presented the song „Ciao, es war schön“. Subsequent to the event many students, alumni and parents took the opportunity for a personal farewell.

For the next academic year the position of the Head of Secondary II will be occupied by Mrs Andrea Schöne who is already working at DISD as teacher for mathematics and chemistry and as head of the mathematics department.