Excitement on Enrollment Day

On Thursday, September 6th, 80 students came in their school uniform, bag packs and filled cones to the enrolment event in the decorated DISD canteen.



The event was opened by the primary choir with the popular song “Conni goes to school”. Then, principal Mr Helmut Jolk entered the stage and greeted the new students and around 200 guests. Then, Mrs Inga Rehbein, head of the primary school, gave some information to the students and their families.

Afterwards, the second graders performed the song “Great that you are here” and a small theater piece named “Competition of the school material”. The funny piece distracted the students for a short moment from their excitement.

But then, the big moment was there and the students were called one by one to the stage by their class teacher. They were met by the second graders, who had painted good-luck stones for them. Mrs Dziergwa, head teacher of 1a, the hedgehog class, Mrs Spitzenberg, head teacher of 1b, the giraffe class, Mrs Ebers, head teacher of the fox class as well as Mrs Müller, head teacher of 1d, the camel class were excited to greet their students and lead them to the class rooms. The parents could enjoy the time with coffee and cake, which the parents of the 2nd grades had baked for them. Also, they could talk and register with the school photographer Barry Lake, who later took pictures of the families.

Meanwhile, the students created their own name tags and even got their first homework. The atmosphere in class was motivated and joyful, when the proud parents picked them up from school and a wonderful first day in school ended.