Excellent Abi 2020 in Dubai

Best DISD graduation year ever with a sensational average of 1.98.

On June 9, 2020, in compliance with the Corona safety and distance regulations, Consul General Holger Mahnicke presented the Abitur certificates to our 23 graduates at the German Consulate General in Dubai. In addition, the principal Michael Lummel, the head of the secondary school 2,  Mrs. Andrea Schöne as well as the class teacher of 12a, Mrs. Corinna von Häfen, were present in the consulate.

The oral Abitur 2020 was more than successfully completed at the beginning of June. Despite the Corona crisis, all regulations of the last years could be strictly adhered to in this school year as well. All oral examination proposals were examined in advance by the responsible expert commissions in Germany and confirmed in good time before the examination began.

Due to the current regulations, the tests could only be carried out in the school building in compliance with strict specifications and under difficult conditions. The third examiner was connected via video. In spite of all the challenges, the entire class passed the Abitur, even with particularly good results.

This school year, the Abitur average is an outstanding 1.98. 30% of the graduates achieved an excellent average of less than 1.5, the best Abitur with 1.0 was achieved by the graduate Lenia Keffel. She was awarded for this by the school management and the board. Another award was given to the student Hannah Steen for the best performance improvement in the Abitur qualification phase.

Special thanks go to the DISD specialist teachers who have accompanied and guided the students with great commitment over the past two years. Special thanks are also due to the parents of the high school graduates, who have joined in the excitement over the past few weeks and accompanied their children on their way to the final exams. DISD wishes all graduates all the best and much success in their new phase of life.