Grade 9 and 10 take part in “Juniorwahl” for European Elections

The „Juniorwahl“ (German for Junior Elections) takes place in German schools in Germany and abroad since 1990 parallel to the federal elections and the European elections. This year, around 2700 schools (including DISD) are participating with 650 000 students.

At DISD, the students of class 9a & b and 10a & b discussed the topics Europe, Democracy and Elections in the social studies class under the direction of Mrs Carolin Schemenau and Mr Thomas Decker. Afterwards, the students conducted the European elections with authentic material from Germany.

The results of all participating schools will be published on May 26th, the day of the European elections after 6pm on the Juniorwahl website.

Class 9b has written reports on how they liked this project, please read below.

On 23.05.2019 the junior election took place in the foyer in front of the library. The 10th graders had set up the place with voting papers, a voting booth as well as a ballot box which gave us a feeling as if we were in an actual polling station. The classes each got voting cards which were then submitted at the polling station. Students from grade 10 and 9 were able to take part this year, so everyone seemed quite excited since it was the first time for most people taking part in the Junior elections. I was personally very happy to have such an opportunity to be able to experience the voting system in Germany. Everything was organized really well and pretty much everyone took it seriously. Students were also able to gain some experience in informing themselves about the different Party’s which was then easier to choose their preferable Party. Overall it was a really great experience.

Radina Bozukova

On the 23rd of May at the German International School Dubai was a junior election. I thought that the voting was slightly exciting. At first, we had to walk to the polling station. There, we gave our notification of election participation to the electoral assistants. Then, we got a paper, where we can vote for one party. Before we could vote for a party, we had to walk inside the voting booth. This part was thrilling, because this was when I could vote for a party that corresponded to my personal opinion.

Vincent Faerber

For the “Juniorwahl” of 2019, the 9th and 10th grades of the German International School Dubai conducted the elections in the first and second lessons of Thursday, 23rd of May. Prior to the elections we were given time in our social studies lessons to research each party and decide, which one matches our interests. On Thursday before the elections, we were given an “election invitation”, where we had to write our name, grade and our voting number. We went down to the voting booth, where we gave in our voting invitations and were given the voting paper containing the 41 EU parties. Every person got to vote in a private voting booth, so that no one could see who the voters voted for. I personally found this experience very good, as it could give us an insight into how to vote and how to find the party that best fits your needs. A lot of people end up voting the party that their parents or their friends vote for not knowing what they stand for. That’s why I think that this activity should be implemented in all schools to further better the countries we live in.

Lojine Elbialy

The “Juniorwahl” took part on a Thursday on May 23rd in the front of the Library in DISD. Frau Schemenau had given all the students of class 9b their „Wahlbenachrichtigung“ in the first lesson of the day before we went to the election. Personally, I thought it was a very exciting experience to be able to give my own opinion and be part of this election, especially since I haven’t done something like this before. At first all of the students in my class were waiting in a line in front of the two election booths. Later on, more students from other classes started to join us and the line got longer. Surprisingly, the entire process of the election went by really quickly and I was happy to see how smoothly planned out it was.

Sara Hassan

On Thursday morning I was very excited to go and vote for the ,,Europawahl”, which is a topic that I personally find very interesting, as someone that likes to follow world and European politics. After my class (9b) and I arrived at the Foyer in front of the library, a very organized stand, which was organized by grade 10b with the help of Mr.Decker was to be found. The stand looked very professional with a table at its entrance with students, who wanted to see our voting cards and our student ID´s, before handing us the voting sheet and sending us behind the voting board individually. I found this experience to be very interesting and successful, as it gave us the opportunity to explore the German voting system and to feel part of European growth.

Stella Foschi