Dubai City Swim

In occasion of the Dubai Fitness Challenge, the annual City Swim was on Saturday, 28th October. This open-water race with 200 participants took place on Kite Beach with a view of the beautiful Dubai skyline. 15 swimmers from DISD attended, including students from primary and secondary grade as well as staff members. The event was fun for everyone and some participants from DISD could even take some medals home:

250m race: 2nd place Lena El-Mhadi & Felix Mrozik (both 2nd grade)

500m race: 2nd place Ty Stevens (6th grade) & Karma Elgharib (7th grade),  3rd place: Maximilian Mrozik (5th grade)

1000m race: 3rd place Nina Schowald (9nd grade)

2500m race: 2nd Place Jasmin Diaf (11th grade)

The swim trainer Mr. Rosenmeier reached in first place in the 2500m race in the age group 19-99.

Congratulations to all winners! Students who would like to participate next time, please look out for Event announcements in the school.