„Home Schooling“ in STEM means „Home Experiments“

Whether in biology, chemistry or physics – experimenting, trying out and discovering continues at DISD despite distance learning. The STEM department ensures that lessons are varied and thus defies the often boring isolation:

With imaginative teaching/learning videos produced by the STEM teachers scientists themselves, we ensure that the students are given a vivid introduction to new subjects. Thanks to the “Educreations” app on the iPads, this is possible.

Great results were achieved by the students of classes 6a and 6b, who were asked to find out what conditions bean seeds need to germinate by means of a bean diary. Alexandros from class 6b planted his cultivated bean plant in the garden. A closer examination of the seedlings is shown in the impressive picture by Lina, 6a.

The 9a also had to prove her experimental skills. With experiments on diffusion and osmosis, they not only improved their experimental skills, but also found out that membranes are semi-permeable, i.e. only permeable for certain substances.

These are just a few examples of the great work of the biology classes. The MINT department is pleased that the pupils are eager to continue their studies despite the situation. Keep up the good work!

Text: Marcus Brösgen, Head of the STEM faculty, on behalf of the whole faculty

Alexandros, 6b

Lina, 6a

Christian, 9a

Christian, 9a