DISD proactive for a good school climate

New projects against bullying and for a stronger school community

How are our students? To find out, the school counselor Silke Glaab conducted a representative survey in grades 4 to 9 in February 2018. The goal was to receive a realistic assessment of the school climate as a basis for educational measures.

In line with the national “National Bullying Prevention Week”, led by KHDA, the results of the survey were shared with the students in interactive assemblies. In parts, the students were genuinely surprised by the results and discussed them lively. Important topics were bullying, the handling of problems by teachers as well as the interaction between students. Through the discussions, awareness was raised, that the own behavior can affect the school climate substantially. Mrs Glaab explained: “I am impressed about the positive reactions by the students and their willingness to get involved in the proposed projects. We will start with the two projects “Streitschlichter” and “Best Buddies””.

Students can apply for the projects through their class teachers. As a “Best Buddy”, they support new students getting settled at school. “Streitschlichter” (German for conflict mediator) are responsible to help solve conflicts on student level, which could otherwise lead to bullying. For these responsibilities, the students will receive a training by the school and are accessible at fixed times. The class teachers will communicate specific details next week.