DISD proactive: Fitness against frustration

For the students of grade 9 to 12 there is a new opportunity to burn off energy in the school’s gym three times per week during the big break. According to the motto “fitness against frustration” the students can lift weights to balance their sometimes stressful everyday school life. The sport not only strengthens the self-esteem, but as well the social competence and the team spirit.

The proactive initiative for violence prevention was launched by the two students Ahmed Batal and Ahmed Hassan, in cooperation with the Educational Consultant for School Improvement and Development Ulrike Suwwan. The break time fitness club is supported by the DISD Sports Coordinator Jamed Dodd. The experienced personal trainer ensures that the students perform the dumbbell training correctly and don’t get injured.

Interested students can register with Ahmed Batal and Ahmed Hassan from the class 10a.