DISD General Assembly on December 7, 2020

On December 7, the DISD Board held its first membership meeting of the 2020/2021 school year. Head of the Board Munier Al-Amoudi led through the second digital assembly held at DISD.

There were over 90 registrations, with just over 50 members in attendance on the evening itself. The board was fully represented. First, Consul General Mahnicke welcomed all members and spoke briefly about mobility during the Corona pandemic.



All board divisions reported on activities and developments over the past six months and were available to answer questions from the school community. The Human Resources division provided information on adjustments in personnel.

The Finance division presented the annual financial statements. The Property division provided an overview of the closure of the school building in March of last school year and the resulting cost savings in the operation of the building, as well as the implementation of the reopening at the beginning of this school year.

The School Community and School Development division explained how the board is involved in the ongoing development of the school and is working with the various stakeholders here. It was also emphasized that the school community lives essentially from the active participation of the members through communication, but also through presence at the general assembly or through the body of parent representatives and the parent council.

The Marketing and Communication division rounded off the presentations with an overview of communication strategies, as well as the numerous activities of the students that have replaced the traditional festivities and events in this period of the pandemic.

The board was discharged based on the recommendation of the cash and audit. The principal Michael Lummel also presented a short review as well as an outlook for the new year. He thanked the entire school community for their successful handling of the crisis: in particular, he praised the professionalism and successful crisis management of all employees and the board during the pandemic.

He addressed the positive rating in the 2020  German federal-state inspection and the excellent rating in the KHDA inspection on distance learning. In addition, DISD received recognition for Islamic Studies and Arabic at the German Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (Kultusministerkonferenz). Furthermore, he reported on the school’s successful digital, safety and hygiene concept in order to be able to teach all subjects optimally and on the efforts to be able to offer sports after school activities from the 2nd half year term.

All motions of the members were presented, discussed and then voted on in the election part of the meeting. The feedback and also the motions of the school community showed that the members want to be actively involved, which the board very much welcomes.



Patrick Braunschweig was re-elected by the members as a board member and Katharina Meißner, who was co-opted by the board after the summer, was now also confirmed in her office by the members.

The board sincerely thanks those present for their dedicated participation and hopes for a large turnout at the next assembly. In the meantime, anyone wishing to contact the board can find contact addresses on the board page of the school website. The next general assembly is expected to take place in June 2021.