DISD Anti Bullying Team

We are delighted to introduce our Anti Bullying Team to you. It is a team of students from the secondary school, who will function as a contact point and support group for fellow students in case any signs of exclusion or bullying are occurring.

They have been trained by the Dubai Police to become ‘Safety Ambassadors’, which is part of an initiative to improve the level of safety in the classroom. This program was set-up in Dubai to support children and protect them against any harm or violence. The ambassadors educate fellow students about their rights and what to do if they face any sign of bullying.

The team consist of: The team consist of: Serena Allgaier, Stella Foschi, Ahmed Batal, Nils Tröger, Filippos Karaspiros, Youssef Ghanem, Karma Elgharib, Ty Stevens and Razaan Eid.