Girls discover the STEM world with CyberMentor

Our students at CyberMentor – Germany’s largest online mentoring program for girls in STEM.

On November 17, our chemistry teacher Trijntje Herz presented the concept of the online MINT platform CyberMentor to girls in grades 6 to 11. This is a protected online platform where the students receive advice via e-mail, chat and a forum, supported by a wide range of information on STEM, studies and career choices.

In CyberMentor, the largest scientifically supported online mentoring program, MINT women from business and science are involved every year in the promotion of young women.

For one year, each participating student receives a personal mentor who is professionally active in the MINT field and who, as a role model, encourages MINT activities and gives valuable advice on the choice of studies and career. The mentor is available for about 30 minutes per week for an online exchange.

The mentees can take part in various MINT phases throughout the year. In this way, they learn what role MINT plays in their everyday lives. In addition, they can conduct exciting experiments themselves and work together with other participants on interdisciplinary projects.