Classtrip of the 9th grade to Dibba, Oman

The class trip of the 9th grade took them from Febraury 4 – 8 to the camp of Absolute Adventure in Dibba, Oman.

The missing Wi-Fi was no problem, since the diverse mix of adventure activities in the breathtaking surroundings of the Hajer mountains kept the students busy.

The class was accompanied by their class teachers Mr Stark and Mr Decker and the Marketing assistant Ms Schucht.

After the arrival in the generous camp with six-people tents and a cozy common area, the students got ready for the beach.


The motivated instructors of Absolute Adventure achieved a fun atmosphere with Water- and Ballgames.

On Monday the whole day was spent in a Wadi, where the students learned how to boulder and climb mountains.

All enjoyed the nice climate and exciting activities. The instructors explained, how to safely climb up to 25m and get back to the ground.

Throughout the day, the activities strengthened the team spirit as the group had to secure each climber.

On Tuesday half of the group spent the morning by the beach. There, they built rafts which were later tested in the water.

Only the raft with the best design and execution could carry the builders over ocean.

The other group learned how to securely fix a mountain bike which they later used on an Off-road tour. During the afternoon the groups switched places.

Wednesday started off with a morning on a dhow, the traditional wooden boat of the region. The students enjoyed the sun and the refreshing water, in which many bravely jumped from the boat. In the afternoon, the students tested their survival skills. The instructors explained how to protect the face from the sun, how to build a safe shelter and how to light a fire and even cook “eggy bread” on it. Furthermore, they spent time with archery, with many were excited about. The evening ended with a bonfire, which was a nice conclusion to the end of the week.

Thursday was departure day. The week simply flew by with all the team activities, which had strengthened the team spirit with in the grade.


Furthermore, many enjoyed the fresh air and beautiful scenery of Oman, some even like the time off the cellphone and internet.