Civil Defense visits Kindergarten

On January 15th, Mrs. Hooria from the Dubai Civil Defense visited the Kindergarten to tell the children how to act in case of fire. At 10 am the kindergartners gathered with their teachers in the sports hall of the school. Interested and excited, they listened to the lecture by Mrs. Hooria. In a playful way and with pictures suitable for children, the children were told step by step what to do in the case of a fire. The children were actively involved.

A great surprise and joy for the children was that the fireman Salem joined as well, who the children already knew. The children, as well as the kindergarten teachers, had a lot of fun with the instructive presentation. Afterwards, School Principal Mr Helmut Jolk and Head of Kindergarten Mr Matthias Preiss thanked Mrs. Hooria and the fireman Salem for this fantastic visit. Mrs Hooria was delighted how concentrated and well-behaved the children had listened.